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Quick Giveaway: Piave Vecchio

2008_12_giveaway1.jpgYesterday, we launched our Eater Giveaway Extravaganza by announcing that we're giving away an epic prize, a trip to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, taking place this February. Today, the freebie bonanza continues. Right now, we're giving away one pound of Piave Vecchio Cheese from Di Palo Select, the online store of the famed Little Italy icon, Di Palo's. You want it? The fifth person to email with the correct answers to the following two questions will have it sent to their home*: · Name the owner of the original Di Palo's in Little Italy and when it was founded. · What is the minimum amount of time Parmigiano-Reggiano must be aged? *To win, participants must live in New York City. UPDATE: Hold all entries, we have a winner. The correct answers are Concetta Santomauro (though we'll accept "Di Palo" since that's what they went by) in 1925 and 12 months. Savino, her father, opened a different dairy store down the street in 1910. [Eater Giveaway Extravaganza]