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OpenTable Exposed as Secret Spam Artists

What we see here is a screen shot of the spam folder of a tipster, littered with spam from the usual suspects (Viagra and Cialis pushers, fast and safe shipping). The funny thing is, our tipster used this email for nothing else but Opentable. We'll let him explain:

"I have a domain, so, since I get all emails that go to my domain, I use a unique email for each site I sign up for. For opentable, I used opentable@[domain].com. This has recently started getting a ton of SPAM to that address. It isn't published anywhere at all. Clearly, they fucking sold my information. And it's the worst kind of SPAM."

He has emailed OpenTable to no avail. But we wonder a) if this is happening to any other readers and b) how much you can get for selling that info. A source extra revenue when people aren't booking those resys, or did someone hack their system?
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