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Two is a Trend: D-List Celeb Chef Endorsements

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Stephanie Izard and Robin Miller, pictured above. If you know which is which, you must also love Chicken Strips

A longtime field agent checks-in today with some sweet Two is A Trend action. Recall that Two is A Trend is an Eater feature that tracks—eh, it's self-explanatory. Today's trend: D-list celebrity chefs (pictured above), ie. civilians, are now getting national endorsement deals. Observe:

Exhibit A: Food Network Host Robin Miller and Tyson Foods® Ease Family Dinner Preparation: "As a busy mom of a very busy family, I know how challenging it can be to prepare family-favorite wintertime meals without spending hours in the kitchen," said Robin Miller, chef and host of Food Network's Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller. "But with simple planning and the help of the recipe-ready protein line of Tyson® Fully Cooked Chicken Strips and Tyson® Fully Cooked Steak Strips, home cooks can put lighter versions of their family's dinnertime favorites on the table in roughly half the time."

Exhibit B: The National Pork Board, Celebrity Chef Stephanie Izard and Non-Profit Common Threads Stir International Flavor Into Entertaining: "With so much emphasis on family and food, the holidays are a terrific time to celebrate different heritages by experimenting with ethnic ingredients and recipes," said Izard. "I'm a fan of pork because I can use it to prepare almost any international dish, plus there are so many cuts to choose from and it's a great value at the meat case."

Jason Neroni, buy us a Caddy? You are going to make bank in 2009.

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