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EaterWire: Haru Sued, Cabrito Robbed!

Cabrito, goat capital of Carmine Street

MANHATTAN—From CityFile: "The lawyer famous for filing suit against just about every other restaurant in town for underpaying employees [Maimon Kirschenbaum] has picked the Japanese sushi chain Haru (which, in turn, is owned by Benihana Inc.) as his latest target. According to a complaint filed last week in U.S. District Court on behalf of former Haru waiter Jin-Yi Hong (as well as any other Haru employees who have yet to come forward, naturally), Kirschenbaum argues that the restaurant failed to pay its waiters minimum wage, withheld overtime pay, and forced them to share tips with managers." [CityFile]

WEST VILLAGE—File under, Developing, cc to file, Dicey: "There's trouble at Cabrito. Something about the restaurant being robbed ? leaving them w/o funds to pay staff or vendors. Talks are underway as I write this to decide the fate. Not looking good though?that’s direct from an inside source." Not to worry, however, as calls to the venue has them open for business tonight, if you simply must eat goat for dinner. Further, our reports have the restaurant doing fairly well, so it's quite possible this isn't the end of sweet little Cabrito, after all. [EaterWire]