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Macao Trading Co. to Unleash Semi-Private Lounge

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Horine, 11/24/08

Tribeca: You didn't think the Employees Only team would stop at just a trendy restaurant did you? We just got word that Macao Trading Co. will soon unveil a semi-private downstairs bar and lounge, opening tbd. It's still under construction, but expect the space to be done up in the same sexy/seedy Macao style. And as it already has a license to stay open until 4 a.m., the bar promises to be a key late night entry.

As far as size, it will be small, about the size of SubMercer, and the rules of entry are as of yet unclear. Right now we're under the impression it will be in the semi-private category (think the downstairs at Kingswood). Macao has been impressively crowded in its first week, so we have no doubt their new venue will follow suit. Watch out for the crowds heading down a flight of stairs to the left of the host stand.
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Macao Trading Co.

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