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Ian Schrager Now Courting Scott Conant for Wakiya

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GRAMERCY—Sources tell Eater that negotiations have fallen through between Stephen Starr and Ian Schrager over the matter of the restaurant space formerly, and infamously, known as Wakiya. Starr was said to have been deep in negotiations to install one of his money makers in the corner space—in negotiations again, that is, as a Starr-Schrager deal also fell through before Schrager settle on the venue's first false starter, Alan Yau. Now, Schrager's moved on Scott Conant (inset photo; so pretty), who, we're told, is Schrager's new first choice if Conant's Scarpetta can be, more of less in Schrager's words, a bit 'sexed-up.' [EaterWire; previously]