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Week in TV Reviews

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Steve Cuozzo, too, weighs-in on 'A Table in Heaven', and he isn't pleased: "The movie is out to lunch as culinary history, already out of date, and spoiled by a dumb premise inserted to create phony drama. "A Table in Heaven" never tells us why Le Cirque ever mattered beyond its celebrity clientele - namely, that its extraordinary food helped rescue French cuisine from irrelevancy in New York, or that it launched the careers of numerous great chefs, most notably Daniel Boulud. In fact, you wouldn't know Le Cirque is a French restaurant at all, what with a soundtrack heavy on mandolins and Verdi opera, references to "The Godfather" and closeups of Sirio's wife, Egidiana, making tortellini at home." [NYP]

Le Cirque

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