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Friday Opening Report: Boi Sandwich, Olive Valley Certified Open, Da Silvano Bistecca Tomorrow

Certified Open: Boi Sandwich [Photo Credit]

1) Greenwich Village: As we'd previously reported, Da Silvano Cantinetta will become Da Silvano Bistecca tomorrow according to Flo Fab who writes: “DA SILVANO BISTECCA What had been the Cantinetta attached to Da Silvano will become an Italian steak place on Dec. 27.” Phone calls confirm it opening manana. Status: Not Open. Opening tomorrow. 260 Avenue of the Americas; 212-982-2343. [NYT]

2) Midtown: Midtown Lunch reports that a new Vietnamese eatery called Boi Sandwich has opened on 3rd Avenue. He writes: “Unlike its sister restaurant Boi to Go, which has some seating, the new sandwich place is take out only (and cash only for the time being.) I know a lot of you refuse to pay $7.50 for a banh mi, but it’s all we’ve got (and now one ave closer to Midtown proper!) In addition to he banh mi, which appear to be the same as Boi to Go, they are also offering noodle bowls, rice bowls, Asian burritos (hello!), and salads ($7 to $8).” Status: Certified Open. 708 Third Avenue; 212-681-6541. [ML]

3) Bushwick: From BushwickBK, a new coffee shop called Café Orwell has reportedly opened on Varet Street. They write: “Cafe Orwell serves a full line of espresso beverages as well as bottled drinks, bagels, desserts and sandwiches. Their drip coffee is solid, and their espresso products are well above par. (I had a two large coffees and a cappuccino and am now properly floored for the day.) There are ample electrical outlets on the walls, so I’m sure it won’t be long before the place starts having the stock smattering of laptop-carrying coffee connoisseurs surfing the ‘net or typing away diligently. It currently does not have wifi, but a barista told me they should be getting it in some time right after New Year’s.” Status: Signs point to open. 247 Varet Street, Bushwick; phone unknown. [BushwickBK]

4) Park Slope: Gowanus Lounge brings word that Roots Café will open tomorrow on 5th Avenue in the Slope. Here’s the lowdown: “The new Roots Cafe in Park Slope boasts, “You’ve never tasted finer coffee! Never!” Opening on December 27th, Roots will offer breakfast themed paninis, and also bagels, muffins, lunch paninis plus sweets like pies and cookies. But let’s get down to the brass tacks, what about the coffee? The website claims they’ll have drip coffee, espresso, cappuccino, chai latte, and especially nice for the cold weather, hot cider and mochas. In addition they’ll present acoustic roots, bluegrass, blues, folk and country every Friday and Saturday.” Status: Signs point to opening tomorrow. 639A 5th Avenue, Park Slope; no phone yet. [GL]

5) Carroll Gardens: Lost City has it that despite denials by workers etc, Piccolo Café is indeed open for business. He writes: “For more than a year, there have been indications that a cafe was opening in a storefront on Columbia Street in Brooklyn, near Sackett Street. A sign in the window said "Piccolo Cafe Coming Soon." But when I talked to people who came in or out of the space, they said the sign was kind of a joke: there was no cafe opening in the space. OK. Weird, but OK. But lately an awning appeared, saying Piccolo Cafe. Still, nothing was going on inside. Maybe the joke was just getting bigger. Funny time to be opening a new restaurant. But the place seems to have taken the pulse of the times. $3 for breakfast. $3 for lunch. I can deal with those prices.” Twitter/NewYorkology confirms the cheeseburger window was open as of Saturday. Status: Signs point to open. No answer to calls. 221 Columbia Street; 718-522-5821. [Lost City; NewYorkology]

6) Bushwick: And finally, BushwickBK also reports that a new falafel joint called Olive Valley opened this week on Bogart Street. Status: Certified Open. 43 Bogart Street, Bushwick; 718-894-1800 [BushwickBK]

Da Silvano

260 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10012

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