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EaterWire: Firetrucks Summoned to McNally, New Chef at the Knot, New Peel Noodle Joint, and More

Crisis averted! via EV Grieve

LOWER BOWERY— Praise all that is sacred that this was a false alarm: multiple firetrucks were called to 282 Bowery (the home of McNally's newest), a ladder was raised to the roof: "Everyone stood around for a little bit then left...Anyway, good thing there wasn't a real fire -- the firefighters would not have been able to penetrate the quadruple plywood protecting McNally's new pizza joint." [EV Grieve]

WEST VILLAGE— Joaquin Baca, the onetime chef at the Rusty Knot (and an alum of Momofuku) has moved on to other projects, including a consulting gig at Wilfie & Nell. Now in at the Knot: Tony Citino of Brown. Per GS: "Those mini po boys are his, as well as the turkey pilgrim (which will be replaced on the menu with an as-yet-to-be-named dish sometime in the New Year) and the pulled-pork sandwich." [GS]

LONDON— New York isn't the only thorn in the Ciprianis' sides: "The London branch of Cipriani may have to change its name after losing a trademark battle with the Orient-Express Group, owners of the Hotel Cipriani in Venice...Arrigo and Giuseppe Cipriani, son and grandson of the founder of the famous hotel, may be prevented from using their own name in the UK..." [Zagat]

SUNSET PARK— Sarah DiGregorio finds the second place in all of New York to serve peel noodles, Wong Wong in Sunset Park: "I ordered the peel noodles in soup with roast duck ($5.50), pictured above. The noodles are irregular, with slightly serrated, wrinkly edges from the quick motion of the knife through the dough. They're almost transparent, and are thick in places and thinner in others; each slurp is chewy and delicate by turns." [Fork in the Road]

THE INTERNETS— Sometimes you can find the most horrifying and intriguing things on the internet, like this picture of a guy smashing a bottle of wine into his face. [Vinography via Eater SF]

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