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Second Chances: Williamsburg's Action Burger and Mighty Diamond Give it Another Go

Williamsburg: Two of East Williamsburg's most unusual restaurant concepts—Graham Avenue's vegan Caribbean joint Mighty Diamond and Grand St.'s comic book themed burger joint Action Burger—have had recent makeovers of sorts, one more promising than the other. First up, a tipster alerts us to the opening of Mother's at 347 Graham Avenue. The owners of neighborhood hipster bar Daddy's opened up the aforementioned Mighty Diamond here just over a year ago and it was an unmitigated disaster. Today they reopen it as a pub with comfort food and an expansive beer menu. Per the tipster:

"The limited menu is classic American, featuring a $ 5 burger, basket of fries and po’ boy, but 16 draft beers are the real draw...With only a beer/wine license and a few hundred square feet, Mother’s will cater to the no-frills crowd looking to drain a couple of microbrews and bowls of chili, rather than acting the late-night hipster haunt like its sister bar a few blocks away."
As long as there is no brown rice or vegan jerk tofu on the menu, we're in.

Next up: the unusual Action Burger. After opening for a few short weeks in April and being immediately shuttered by the DOH, the ill-advised comic book themed burger shop has opened anew as Comic Burger. Place looks exactly the same, but according to a commenter, there have been some improvements:

"...hamburgers taste better than has changed completely.....i walked by... saw customers purchasing food... and went in... food was excellent..."
We'll let the experts weigh in before making any final judgments, but given the theme, the fact that it looks like this, and the tagline—"Comic Burger welcomes all heroes and villains to enjoy fresh tasty food"—we're going to give the edge on survival over to Mother's.
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