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Frog, Zombie-Like, Rises From the Dead as FROG CAFE

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Soho: We thought our days of reporting on the ill-fated but always amusing FROG (nee Fr.og) were over, but apparently this is the time of year for second (and third) chances. FROG—deathwatched twice, revamped once, and practically shuttered for two months—has risen from the dead as breakfast and lunch spot FROG Cafe.

It doesn't seem like much has changed with the interior, but a look at the menu placard outside the restaurant shows the price point is way, way down. The focus is now cheap, simple, almost diner-like fare: $5 burgers, sandwiches and paninis for under $10, and breakfast sandwiches and omelets. Months ago rumors circulated that the owners of Upstairs would be taking over the downstairs bar. It's not looking incredibly likely now, but they could always have plans for the space once the "cafe" closes at 8.
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