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EaterWire: Bar Q Changes, Lifetime Casting Call, Bruni's Predictions, and More

WEST VILLAGE— Grub Street gets word that Anita Lo's Bar Q is undergoing a bit of a makeover: "...she’s softening the space up a little so it’ll be quieter and warmer. Where there were once four tables around a raw bar, there will now be seating at the bar itself. There will also be a selection of maki rolls, some of which will be traditional (spicy tuna) and others not so much." [GS]

TRENDWATCH— Even the Bruni has jumped onto the 2009 prediction train. Like those of Gastrodamus, his and Kim Severson's are mostly tongue in cheek: diners will butcher their own meat, bring their own food to "pot luck restaurants," and get discounts if they show proof of purchase of a chef's cookbook, memoir, DVD, or cooking equipment. [Diner's Journal]

CASTING CALLS— A Lifetime casting call in the comments: "We're looking for female chefs to co-host Lifetime's new show being shot in NYC. If anyone is interested please have them apply to on our website: Click on "currently casting" and scroll down to the show! Or email the casting directors at:" [EaterWire]

CAFFEINE WIRE— All 'wichcrafts across the city (except the locations in Bryant Park and Herald and Greeley Squares) will be offering half priced coffee drinks from 3 - 6 p.m.: "We realize that the afternoon coffee drink is a treat for many people and we believe that in hard times it’s important to treat yourself well and often. We want to help with that." [EaterWire]

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