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The Plywood Report: Aroma, Roots Cafe, Pump, and More!

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1) Upper West Side: The Soho espresso/sandwich joint Aroma is opening its second Manhattan location. From the tipline: "Just walked past this on Monday...the always crowded Aroma Espresso Bar (SoHo) is opening up a new and guaranteed to be equally crowded location on the Upper West Side (72nd and Broadway). Finally there's somewhere to go besides Starbucks." According to the Aroma website, the new location will be at 161 West 72nd between Amsterdam and Columbus, right in the vicinity of the new UWS restaurant district and around a dozen blocks from the soon to open Joe: The Art of Coffee. Let the coffee wars begin. [PLYWOOD]

2) East Harlem: A reader reports on a new restaurant or cafe going in on Lexington and East 116th: "Billed as a new chartucerie/patisserie/cafe/marche appears set to open soon. No details are available, and advertised website ( is not yet up." [PLYWOOD]

3) Greenpoint: An intriguing tip from the comments: "I heard that an incredibly cool space in Greenpoint might be turning into a restaurant. It's in the church, just off Manhattan Avenue on Kent Street, across from The Garden. It's huge, the ceilings are like 30 feet and it has really cool stained glass windows. It must be a big restaurant guy if it's true. But that would be the coolest restaurant in Brooklyn!" If anyone can confirm the rumors, let us know. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

4) FiDi: New York health food chain Pump is opening a location in the Financial District at 80 Pine Street after New Years. The photo above shows it's going to be a sizable space. [PLYWOOD]

5) Park Slope: Gowanus Lounge reports that Park Slope has a new cafe coming its way right after Christmas: "The new Roots Cafe in Park Slope boasts, 'You’ve never tasted finer coffee! Never!' Opening on December 27th, Roots will offer breakfast themed paninis, and also bagels, muffins, lunch paninis plus sweets like pies and cookies." [POST-PLYWOOD]

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