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The Shutter Report: Kam Chueh, HSF, Clinton Papaya

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We already had a couple of shutters earlier in the week, but some new reports are streaming in. Know of a place that has met its demise? Let us know

2008_12_KamChueh.jpg1) Chinatown: Zagat posts some news that the Chowhounders had caught onto back at the beginning of the month: the 36 year-old Chinatown icon HSF (Hee Seung Fun) has closed and Sun Shine 27 Seafood has opened in its place, moving from its original location at 27 Division Street.

Meanwhile a tipster reports that HSF's next door neighbor Kam Chueh, a popular Chinese restaurant located at 40 Bowery that opened back in 1991, closed two months months back. [Zagat; CH]

2) Lower East Side: Down on the Lower East Side, Grub Street brings word that Gray's Papaya imitator has gone down: "First New York City Hot Dog shuttered after a 50 percent drop in business, and now you can cross Clinton Papaya off the list of Papaya imitators. Definitely not one of the better Papaya imitators, mind you, but the kids over at the Delancey will feel the loss." [GS]

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