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Via Delle Zoccolette In Dire Need of a Christmas Miracle

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East Village: The above notice, currently posted on the Avenue A & East 6th Street restaurant Via Delle Zoccolette (formerly Le Zoccole), shows that things may not be going so well for the Italian spot. They owe their landlord over $226k (or $26k if the landlord made a vital typo there) for two months of missed rent plus interest. And if they don't pony up by Monday, they'll be out in the cold.

Though they could absolutely cobble it all together It's a Wonderful Life-style, restaurateurs should note there's the possibility of a very large bi-level space in a primo spot right by Tompkins Square Park coming to the market soon.
UPDATE: Here's something we just realized: 95 Avenue A is the future alleged space of La Otra, once connected to the Tasting Room's Colin Alevras. Perhaps, like so many college age renters before them, Via Delle Zoccolette just decided to skip last month's rent.
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