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We Have a Winner: A BABBQ-Worthy Meatastic Haiku

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On Monday we announced we would give away a Big Apple Barbecue Holiday gift pack to the reader who submitted the best bbq-themed haiku. And we have to say, the sheer number of 5-7-5 (and a few free form 3-5-3) compositions we've had to read here over the past few days is just out of control. Most were, unsurprisingly, terrible, but there were some truly valiant efforts and, among them, a winner. The winner presented here with a swath of some of the other entries below:

I promised not to
look at other women, dear;
this is barbecue.
Frigid in New York
Longing for Carolina
Blue Smoke tastes like home

tenderly, melting
off the bone. my slick fingers
pick every last bite

smokey clouds suffuse
tender meat pulling apart
saucy heart aching

Why, Ray Lampe, why?
Southern Hospitality?
T.R.L. with meat

For some it's liquor
For others it's babes and blow
I'll take ribs, thank you

A walk in the park
In Summer, waft spicy smoke
Fire on meat consume

pulled pork and cold beer
dance nimbly on my taste buds
tongue sings with delight

Ate too much again
Ribs, collard greens, and cornbread
My stomach bursts open

Captain Kirk transports
KC -cue to City; smoke
and sauce boldly go.

Quick! Eat up the ribs.
Smoke is a carcinogen.
City to ban RUB.

Fingers lick themselves
For cue to good to be true
Wet and Dry Rub Too

Hot days or cold nights
Nothing makes my tummy smile
Like some sweet pulled pork

dry rub rib
greasy pork; wet nap

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