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Eater Gift Giveaway EXTRAVAGANZA: Big Apple BBQ Holiday Gift Pack!

In times like these, who doesn’t like to get stuff for free? Lucky for you, the Eater Giveaway Extravaganza is underway. Until we run out of merch, while supplies last, for a limited time only, by special engagement, etc. etc., check this space every day for new chances to win. EVERYTHING MUST GO. 'Tis the season, friends.


2008_12_giveaway1.jpgNow in its third week, the gift bonanza here at Eater just keeps on going! This morning on the freebie train we have a Big Apple Barbecue Holiday gift pack. It includes a $100 FastPass to the '09 BABBQ block party scheduled for June 13-14, a T-Shirt, a bottle of Blue Smoke’s Magic Dust, and a bottle of Blue Smoke Original Sauce. For you playing along at home, here's the challenge: write us a haiku about barbecue in general or a favorite barbecue joint, pitmaster, or meat expert. Send them over to by noon tomorrow.*

*To win you must live in New York City.

If barbecue isn't your thing, check back later for more giveaways. Or hop on the Giveaway Express at Racked, where they’re giving away goodies all day.

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