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The Plywood Report: Ost, Littlefield, Terraza Toscana, and More

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1) West Village: A tipster sends us a photo of the Memphis Downtown building at 140 Charles Street in West Village: "Owner has been renovating space for around 18 months (used to be a gym). Finally took down plywood this past week to reveal a the décor of a middle eastern bar/restaurant. Since there has been little or no marketing, I am not optimistic about food quality, but it's better than plywood." [PLYWOOD]

2) FiDi: A reader notices a new restaurant from the team behind Empanada Mama is opening in Fidi: "Walked by plywooded place all the ways downtown on Front Street (by the Seaport) Asked some dude smoking out front what it was – it's named Onda, care of the same dude that bought us Empanada Mama on Ninth looks more restaurant like than EM but I am looking forward to having this selection as I work on Wall Street and the restaurants down here, to put it lightly, suck." [PLYWOOD]

3) East Village: Some additional intel on the new EVill spot on 12th and A: "There are new signs up on the restaurant going in at the NW corner of 12th Street and Avenue A indicating that the restaurant will be called OST Cafe." Another tipster tells us this space is "going to be an eastern european style coffeehouse. Kind of like Cafe Sabarsky meets Pravda." [PLYWOOD]

4) Hell's Kitchen: Lost City reports that the shuttered Costa del Sol on 9th and 50th is going to be reopened as Terraza Toscana: "Pictures of the new eatery were posted on the plywood wall surrounding the plot, where workers were busy, busy, busy. Costa del Sol was never anything to gaze at, but this new joint looks like the owners took design tips from the late Mama Leone's. It's Noveau Italiano at its cheesiest." [PLYWOOD]

5) Gowanus: Gowanus Lounge takes a look at Littlefield, the new club going in at DeGraw St. between 3rd and 4th Avenues in Gowanus: "The club has been promising a “fall 2008? opening. While we don’t have shots of the interior, by the looks of things, they may not be far off target, though we’re going to guess Winter is perhaps most likely." [PLYWOOD]

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