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Thursday Opening Report: Primo Atto, Katsuno, Fondue Cave Certified Open

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Washoku Cafe in Plywood Days [Photo Credit]

1) Nolita: As previously reported, Jacques Ouari has opened fondue eatery/ “baby bottle bar” La Cave des Fondus on Prince Street in Nolita. TONY reports that it will open this week and shares the following: “Inspired by Paris’s wacky Le Refuge des Fondus, restaurateur Jacques Ouari (Jacques) unveils this underground haunt, where diners will have to drink house wine from baby bottles and climb over communal tables to access banquette seating, before dipping into one of three bubbling pots: classic cheese, beef broth with pieces of meat, and molten chocolate.” Status: PR tells us last night was the debut. 20 Prince Street; 212-966-5073. [TONY]

2) Forest Hills: TONY also reports on the opening of Katsuno, a new Japanese restaurant opening in Queens. They write: “Chef-owner Katsuyuki Seo and his wife, Yuka (Seo Japanese Restaurant), take their authentic cooking to Queens, where diners can taste dishes like cold dashi-stewed tomatoes with a jellied vinaigrette, alongside sushi and other more familiar offerings.” Status: Certified Open. 103-01 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills; 718-575-4033. [TONY]

3) Park Slope: A tipster writes in with a rave review/open report of new Italian eatery Primo Atto. They write: “I am genuinely a patron, and not at all affiliated with the place. My boyfriend works for the BLT chain and knows great food when he tastes it, came with me to Primo Atto and agrees that the Primo Atto chef and menu are incredible. The chef and owner treat people like family, the menu is amazing, and the food is really fresh, authentic and delicious." However, according to Gowanus Lounge, the place has been open since mid-November. Status: Certified Open as of mid-November. 337 5th Avenue, Park Slope; 718-369-0376. [Eater Inbox; GL]

4) Midtown: Another tipster writes in with word that bento box specialist, Washoku Café has opened in Midtown. They write: “They are FINALLY open for business. The paper is off the front window and everything is lit inside. They had a bike inside as if they are prepped for delivery. However, strangely, didn't see a single person in there though I passed by it about 5 times today...” Midtown Lunch had the early scoop on the place back in June. Status: Unknown. No answer to calls. 9 E. 37th Street; 212-686-2233. [Eater Inbox]