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SPONSORED POST: Eater Inside Miami Vida

An icon was reborn with the recent Grand Opening Celebration of Fontainebleau Miami Beach. And now, NEW YEAR'S EVE at Fontainebleau Miami Beach will serve nothing less than a night of pure entertainment and glamour, including over-the-top menu celebrations at Gotham Steak and Scarpetta.




Spanish for life and Fontainebleau for showpiece restaurant by the beach and pool, Vida is Fontainebleau's all day American restaurant destination. Designed by the venerable Jeffrey Beers (The Cove Atlantis in The Bahamas, Echelon Las Vegas, Japonais restaurants), we've got a room here of marble, timber and all natural surfaces. The main show is an open kitchen and massive pastry area. Boasts our official Fontainebleau attache, "This is a delightful feature that has become popular internationally." Indeed. Vida's concept and culinary offerings are led by Sean O'Connell, Executive Chef of Fontainebleau Resorts. [Photo: Maria Lankina]