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VITAL Plywood Update: Minetta Lane Gets Stripped, Readies to Open After New Year

Greenwich Village: Keith McNally's upcoming Italian/Pizza spot on 282 Bowery isn't the only property sporting his famously tight plywood wrap. Take a gander above at Minetta Tavern, the Greenwich Village icon he acquired back in February when the business was moments away from going under. The place is newly abuzz with an increased construction worker presence, and we managed to take a look inside to see what they're up to:


Doesn't look too much like this now does it? Indeed it is pretty bare right now, but McNally has said he wants to retain as much of the old feel as possible, including the famous portraits, so we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Workers tell us they are keeping the original bar but replacing all furniture and re-tiling the entire space (note that new floor). They also tell us the spot is going to be a bit more upscale than the predecessor, with the drinks prices rising slightly.

We'll have more info once it becomes available, but note this vital detail: workers tell us Minetta Tavern will be up and running in four to six weeks. Let's repeat—a new McNally joint for all just after the New Year. Happy Holidays, New York.
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Minetta Tavern

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