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Eater Giveaway EXTRAVAGANZA: Eric Ripert's On the Line

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In times like these, who doesn’t like to get stuff for free? Lucky for you, the Eater Giveaway Extravaganza is underway. Until we run out of merch, while supplies last, for a limited time only, by special engagement, etc. etc., check this space every day for new chances to win. EVERYTHING MUST GO. 'Tis the season, friends.


2008_12_giveaway1.jpgThe gift bonanza keeps on going! For your continued holiday enjoyment, today we offer up five, count 'em five copies of Eric Ripert's new cookbook/behind the scenes look at Le Bernardin, "On the Line". It's pretty much one of the best restaurant-centric cookbooks out there right now, and it can be yours, for free. The challenge? Well, the man is, basically, perfect, and we feel that in his free time, Ripert should use his superpowers for good. Tell us, in a statement: what do you want him to do for you and/or the world?* Like, for example, we wouldn't mind if Eric could please find a couple of minutes to figure out how to fix commercial air travel.

*To win, participants must live in New York City and be able to pick up the book at our downtown office.

If the cookbook isn't your thing, check back later for more giveaways. Or hop on the freebee train at Racked, where they’re giving away a day at a spa.

Le Bernardin

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