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Meyer, Reichl, Waters Reporting for White House Duty

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The royalty of the American food world crafted a letter for the Obamas, with the hope of sneaking into the White House. Per the San Francisco Chronicle:

"... a letter from Alice Waters of Chez Panisse volunteering her services - and those of Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl and New York Union Square restaurateur Danny Meyer - to be the first couple's informal 'kitchen cabinet' on all things culinary, from recommendations for a new White House chef to overseeing the creation of a sustainable, organic kitchen garden on the White House lawn."
Waters has expressed no wish of volunteering for the White House chef job (should the Obamas choose to can the current chef), but you can bet she and Meyer will gladly offer up alums of their restaurants. No word yet on how Obama received the missive from the team of culinary ambassadors.
· Waters leads call for 'kitchen cabinet' [SFGate via Eater SF]
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