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EaterWire: The Future of Ono, Knowlton Names his Dixie Favorites

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MEATPACKING— The owner of the Gansevoort Hotel, Michael Achenbaum, reveals some minor details on what El Chod is planning for the Ono/Maxim Steakhouse space: "The new concept will incorporate many of Ono's best selling items but will expand certain offerings, like sushi. This change is based on his desire to present the best possible product in the Meatpacking District and is not a reaction to anything our competitors are doing." [NYO]

EAST VILLAGE— Andrew Knowlton is pretty excited that southern cooking is taking off around the country: "Pork is king, fried chicken is a menu must, grits are the new polenta, collards and kale is the vegetable du jour, and, perhaps most shockingly of all, pimento cheese is served as an appetizer. Factor in the current BBQ blitz and you've got Southern food frenzy." Sadly, his list of favorite "Dixie-inspired restaurants" only includes on New Yorker, The Redhead, the same East Village bar Bruni gave a shout out to this morning. UPDATE: He also mentions Brooklyn's Egg. [BAFoodist]

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