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First Word: Talbot, Toloache to Go Before Community Board 2

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Get the placards ready community board members—it's going to be an eventful month in liquor license hearings. Not only is the planned rooftop venue at the Gansevoort Hotel, dba God Save the King, up for discussion for the third month in a row, but the CB2's SLA Licensing Committee also welcomes a few interesting newcomers, including a certain Top Chef alum:

· First, the most curious items. There are not one but two applications on the agenda for Sam Talbot (though one is curiously spelled with two t's), one at 7 Ninth Avenue and another right around the corner at 7 Little West 12th (part of the One Little West 12th space). We've heard rumors of him wanting to open a space in Manhattan before but were always told he was too busy out in Montauk. Perhaps the slow season could be getting to him.

· Toloache, the Midtown Mexican joint known for their tacos and their incessant shilling on Citysearch, is hoping to get approval to open a new location at 1 Perry St.

· A new Qdoba hopes to move into 404 6th Ave right next to Gray's Papaya. We can already see a war of the fast food a brewing.

· And finally, the very new Crosby Street Hotel is the latest boutique hotel to grovel for a liquor license approval from the CB2. Stay tuned to see who gets the green light and who is denied.

· SLA Licensing Committee Agenda [Official Site]
· All Community Board and Liquor License Coverage [~E~]


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