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Going for Dolo at Da

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2008_12_g_girl.jpgA new update to the G Manifesto has arrived: "In ancient times Hannibal gave birth to modern war strategy. Leading Carthage through the Alps and Pyrenees with War Elephants to earn many decisive victories against the Romans, he was calculating and fearless...Only the war is not fought with swords and shields, its derivatives, the VIX, and economic data a-la durable goods. If you’re longhorn like Texas, you got impaled. Hopefully for your sake you ultra shorted it with SDS, SKF and DXD. You are not wearing armor to the Punic war, it should be Paul Stewart suits, Gucci loafers and you too can live life. Salvatore Ferragamo ties. I’m just saying, I’m trying to maintain my seat at Da Silvano, it is pike mackerel season. [G Manifesto]

Da Silvano

260 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10012

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