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The Makings of a Round Up: Gourmet and the Deviled Eggs

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We received a curious email at Eater HQ last night alerting us to the fact that Gourmet would be featuring Buddakan's tuna tea eggs in their February issue, an event that a) is way too far off our radar and b) we probably wouldn't concern ourselves with anyway. Then we realized the note was not meant for us but rather for the partners at the restaurant and their PR and was a follow up to this email, sent on October 10:

Hi all,

We’ve made a reservation for Leo Rodriguez from Gourmet and a guest tonight at 9:30 pm. Leo will be there to sample the Tuna tea eggs for potential inclusion in a story about Deviled eggs for the February issue.

I know the eggs are not currently on the menu, but I’ve spoken with Lon about specially preparing them for Leo this evening. Additionally, if possible, we’d like to have this reservation comped.
Fun to see how the magic happens, how real food journalism gets made. Curious that the mag wouldn't pony up for some deviled eggs (and that the round up would necessitate Leo to have full meals in all these restaurants), but tough times are tough times. Congrats to Stephen Starr on his forthcoming press mention.
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Update: PR agency Full Picture calls with a TeaEggGate clarification. Dude was in specifically to taste the new dish. Maybe he got other food, maybe he didn't. Either way, it was an on-the-job comp.


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