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Supper Club Mimics Epic Achatz/Keller Dinners

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In September, Grant Achatz and Thomas Keller announced they would hold three 20-course $1,500 dinners in NYC, Chicago, and Yountville to celebrate their master/protege relationship and push their newly released cookbooks. While the two received some criticism for the price point in these cash-strapped times, all dinners sold out. And their success has inspired some curious followers. In three weeks the supper/social club A Razor, a Shiny Knife (profiled by the Times over the summer) will attempt at the same menu here for $300 a head, followed by two more in Chicago and Yountville.

On the plus side: you're getting a 20-course meal made by some ambitious (though over their heads) chefs for one fifth the price of Keller and Achatz. The downside: not only are these guys most certainly not Keller and Achatz, they aren't even pro chefs. We wonder what the master chefs think of their copycats, unless, that is, it's a genius marketing scheme to promote those books.
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