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EaterWire: Monster Sushi Shutters, Soho House Menu, Shake Shack Late Hours, and More

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WEST VILLAGE— More sad news from Shuttersville today: The Monster Sushi on Hudson Street has shuttered due to a lost of lease. Locals can still get delivery from their location in Chelsea, which has extended their zone. [EaterWire]

UPPER WEST SIDE— From the USHG flacks: "On Wednesday, November 26th, the Upper West Side Shake Shack will remain open until 1:00 AM serving all Shack fans in the neighborhood checking out the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Inflation." [EaterWire]

CHICAGO— Remember that $7,000 truffle that all of the major chefs in NYC looked at but no one wanted? It found a home in the Chicago Four Seasons. [Gothamist]

MEPA— Ex-Allen & Delancey chef Neil Ferguson has released his new menu for the Soho House. Too bad most of us won't be able to try it. [GS]

SOHOBon Ap comes out with one of their usual "best of" restaurant lists in the December issue. This time the focus is seafood, the requisite New York restaurant mentioned, Lure. [BA]

Lure Fishbar

142 Mercer Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 (212) 431-7676 Visit Website