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Good News/ Bad News: 10 Downing

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10 Downing may have taken almost two years to open but it hasn't taken very long for the reviewers, both pro and amateur, to chime in with their thoughts. Some are taken with Jason Neroni and Katy Sparks' final menu, while others deem the place not worth the wait. We can guarantee you that the big guns like the Brunz, Platt, and the RG will be through here, but for now, the early good news and bad.

The Great News: We'll be nice and start out with a rave from Robert Sietsema: "In addition to the welcoming setting, the menu, by consulting chef Katy Sparks (Quilty’s) and chef Jason Neroni (71 Clinton Fresh Food, Cantina), seems to hit that sweet spot between comfort food and more ambitious dishes that reflect both chefs’ eclectic tastes. A starter of baked blobs of fresh sheep’s cheese in a bright-tasting tomato confit might not be a traditional part of the bistro canon, but it was damn good anyway." [Gourmet]

The Not Great/Not Terrible News: Gotham Gal has a mixed bag review: "The service is great. Very attentive and happy to have you there...Fred went with the cod which was a little bit undercooked. He was not wowed. Josh went with the chicken that has been written as the supposed dish to have. Really good...Nobody wants to rush back but I am game to check out the restaurant again. I liked the menu and the vibe." [Gotham Gal]

The Bad News: A surprising number of Yelpers have chimed in. Most have given middling to positive reviews, but we have a definite naysayer: "...we went at 9pm and it smelt like a trucker's cafe...Ordered the Bison steak. Fifteen minutes later, the waiter comes back and tells me they're out of that dish...The chicken replacement was just.....bland. So, so boring. Now I don't expect to be dazzled by chicken, but I can feel the life draining out of me at the memory of this poultry Ambien...The chef actually appeared at the end of the meal, to question why I'd sent the chicken back. Nice of him to ask. Less nice of him to then patronize me for not understanding the mastery of chicken and soggy croutons." [Yelp]

The Good News: Blackbook has another positive take (though we're not sure if they ever write slams): "4 Agnolotti app worth stabbing a close friend for, Bison steak might merit punching someone for a bite. But why so violent? The food here is inventive, flavorful, and exquisite, it'll have you grinning like a fat kid with a delicious cake from nearby Caffe Dante." [Blackbook]

10 Downing Food and Wine

10 Downing Street, New York, NY 10014 212-255-0300

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