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Hottest Chef Report: The Rankings After Round 1

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Round One of voting in the Hottest Chef in NY Competition has ended and Round Two will begin later today, concluding tomorrow. The ten competitors who will duke it out in Round Two include the nine heat winners from the last two weeks—Patrick Connolly, Alain Allegretti, Lon Symensma, Scott Conant, Harold Dieterle, Daniel Angerer, Kevin Pemoulie, John Fraser, Martin Brock—and a wild card based on vote count, Akhtar Nawab. We'll get to them in a moment. For a review, check out a gallery of all of the axed and advancing chefs, as well as a run down on how they ranked with the voters. Heat and wild card winners as well as DQ'd contestants are noted:

1) Kevin Pemoulie, Momofuku Noodle Bar: 908 Votes (HEAT WINNER)
2) Ed McFarland, Ed's Lobster Bar: 860 Votes (DQ'd from Wild Card Race)
3) John Fraser, Dovetail: 758 Votes (HEAT WINNER)
4) Akhtar Nawab, Elettaria: 666 Votes (WILD CARD WINNER)
5) Craig Koketsu, Park Avenue Autumn: 489 Votes
6) Jordon Frosolone, Hearth: 414 Votes (DQ'd Suspected Ballot Stuffing)
7) Harold Dieterle, Perilla: 396 Votes (HEAT WINNER)
8) Martin Brock, Grayz: 373 Votes (HEAT WINNER)
9) Lon Symensma, Buddakan: 312 Votes (HEAT WINNER)
10) Johnny Iuzzini, Jean Georges: 285 Votes
11) Patrick Connolly, Bobo: 280 Votes (HEAT WINNER)
11) Scott Conant, Scarpetta: 280 Votes (HEAT WINNER)
13) Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin: 270 Votes
14) Daniel Angerer, Klee Brasserie: 225 Votes (HEAT WINNER)
15) George Mendes, Aldea: 223 Votes
16) Julian Alonzo, Brasserie 8 1/2: 218 Votes
17) Alain Allegretti, Allegretti: 203 Votes (HEAT WINNER)
18) Seamus Mullen, Boqueria: 185 Votes
19) Sandro Micheli, Adour: 171 Votes
20) Marcus Samuelsson, Aquavit: 152 Votes
21) Dan Barber, Blue Hill: 124 Votes
22) Johan Svensson, Aquavit: 115 Votes
23) Brad Farmerie, Public, Double Crown: 111 Votes
24) Gavin Kaysen, Cafe Boulud: 110 Votes
24) Ryan Skeen, Irving Mill: 110 Votes
26) Damien Brassel, Knife + Fork: 108 Votes
27) Sam Maon, Tailor: 101 Votes
28) Aaron Sanchez, Paladar : 88 Votes
29) Gabe Thompson, Dell'Anima: 83 Votes
30) Adam Shepard, Lunetta: 82 Votes
31) Fabio Trabocchi, Fiamma: 78 Votes
32) Bobby Flay, Mesa Grill, etc.: 62 Votes
32) John Delucie, The Waverly Inn: 62 Votes
34) Tom Colicchio, Craft Empire: 61 Votes
35) Michael Psilakis, Anthos, Mia Dona, Kefi: 58 Votes
35) Ed Witt, Bloomingdale Road: 58 Votes
37) Marc Murphy, Landmarc, Ditch Plains: 57 Votes
38) Daniel Humm, Eleven Madison Park: 51 Votes
39) Shea Gallante, Cru: 48 Votes
40) Masaharu Morimoto, Morimoto: 42 Votes
41) Giuseppi Fanelli, Tre Dici: 41 Votes
42) Daniel Boulud, Boulud Empire: 39 Votes
43) Susur Lee, Shang: 28 Votes
44) Andrew Carmellini: 17 Votes
45) Herb Wilson, Tribeca and Soho Grand: 11 Votes
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