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Gael Greene Speaks Out on Getting the Boot

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Just a few days after announcing her firing from New York Magazine, Gael Greene is speaking out against the decision. First she quipped about her early retirement at a charity event at the Rainbow Room. Now she's on the blog:

"To be officially declared redundant by New York magazine, long the oracle and chronicler of what’s hot and what’s not, the seal of approval and the namer of eras, is painful. I pass a mirror and am surprised to see I’m still there.
Had I thought I was embedded in the magazine’s DNA after 40 years of critiquing restaurants?
...It struck me as instructive, even amusing, to have three viewpoints on eating out, a subject that consumes New Yorkers: Adam Platt, The Critic. Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld, Underground Gourmet. And me, Insatiable Critic, passionate emeritus. So excuse my tantrum over being forcibly retired after 40 years. After a few days of narcissistic denial – 'There must be some mistake. Downsized? Not me. How much can they save on my modest stipend? My teeny expense account?' – reality has struck. And I am very sad."
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