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Ago-a-No-Go: Rumors of Ago's Shutter, JGV's Involvement

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Tribeca: 'Twas only a matter of time really. The shutter rumors begin to swirl around Robert De Niro's incredibly troubled Ago:

"Word on the street is that Ago is to go go (as in close its doors by next week). The restaurant, located in the Greenwich Hotel and owned by Robert DeNiro and chef Agostino Sciandri, you will recall, received one of the most awful reviews in New York Times history...Sources say Jean-Georges Vongerichten is eying the space for something new."
It does make a lot more sense that JGV would be taking over the space instead of cooking in it. And, perhaps chef Mirco del Vecchio can drop his ridiculous lawsuit now. A hostess at the restaurant would neither confirm nor deny the rumor (if they are closing, they may not have told the staff) and, of course, put us through to an answering machine. Stay tuned for more while we wait for official word from the restaurant and team Jean-Georges.
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