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SLA Extends Deadline for New Years Permits

On Sunday, the Post reported that the State Liquor Authority was making it much harder this year for bars to get special late night permits for New Years Eve. Only 39 bars, instead of the usual 400, applied by the deadline on Monday, due mostly to the fact that the SLA moved up the deadline, requiring bars to apply 45 days in advance instead of the usual 10. As one would expect, the outcome did not sit well with the city's bar and club owners, and today, we find out there's been a reversal:

The following is an email sent from New York Nightlife Association's Rob Bookman to bar owners:

"After NYNA determined that most applicants were unaware of and thus missed the new deadline to apply for a late-night permit for New Year's Eve, NYNA worked extensively with the SLA, who came to agree with us that an extension to December 5th was in order. As a result we expect a similar number of places to be open late this year as in the past...perhaps over 400."
Here's your chance bar owners. You have two weeks to get your acts together.
· Bars are Dropping 'Eve' Bar [NYP]

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