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Plywood Update: The New Grimaldi's

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Financial District: It was reported late last month that famed pizza joint Grimaldi's would finally be moving to Manhattan, but it's now that we're finally getting a look at the actual space. There she is, 135 John St., a former Chinese place, and as seen above, located right around the corner from NYU's Water Street dorm (genius move). We'll be keeping a close watch over her as she attempts to open in the early months of '09. For now, let's take a look see at a relevant quote from their website:

"The problem is that it is illegal to build new coal brick ovens in Manhattan - and thus the attempts to make Manhattan clones fail...Rather than sell-out on the reputation that Grimaldi's had earned by building an inferior sister restaurant in Manhattan, they opened their second restaurant across the Hudson River in Hoboken, New Jersey."
Indeed. Might be time to update that site.
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