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Adventures in Shilling #044: Santorini, Meskel, Bar Carerra, Clover Club, Toloache

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It's time for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which we fight shilling the best way we can, by shaming tasteless, unscrupulous shills into submission. Well, that's the plan, at least. Fight shills yourself by dropping offensive links to

2008_11_carerra.jpgAnother week, another group of shills. This time the majority come from our own comment threads and have been rooted out by our ever vigilant readers. Let's get to the offenders:

First, off, our least suspicious possible shill, from a lover of Williamsburg's new Santorini: "Santorini Grill finally open its doors and a lot of local residents (incl my self and my girl-friend) had the oppurtunity to meet the owners and their crew... I order almost every night (I am working late) and their food and friendly service is something we were missing in this area..."
Shill Probability: 42%

The "world's leading loungers" doesn't scream shill in this review for Clover Club, but the rest seems to cross the line: "I am one of the world's leading loungers, and thus I have been to visit every one of the very best cocktail dens in New York City...All I'm saying is, Clover Club is undoubtedly the finest bar in Brooklyn, and definitely in the top five in the city. Julie is lovely, Susan too, and moreover for my money, Giuseppe G, Brad, Katie, all those cats, they make the place. The drinks too-oh my-gold plate."
Shill Probability: 51%

We've heard East Village's Meskel serves up some good Ethiopian food. But not this good: "Meskel is truly one of the most wonderful Ethiopian restaurants in the city. The food is an absolute delight to eat and I have to force myself to slow down to be sure to savor every morsel. Each dish from the vegetarian to the meats are spiced to perfection and the injera is perfectly thin, light and freshly made. I eat here a few times a month and won't go anywhere else downtown to get my fix of this delicious cuisine..."
Shill Probability: 73%

A loving review of Bar Carrera, per the Eater comments, spends a little too much time harping on the consistency: "Finally, I had the chance to visit Bar Carrera's second location, a much needed for this neighborhood! Bar Carrera is one of my favorite wine bar spots. At this greenwich village location, the consistency was incredible! I sat at the bar for dinner, drank a glass of cold estrella beer, moved on to a carafe of kalimotxo sangria, relaxing with toasty tapas and watching an old classic film on screen. The service was efficient and down right comforting. The decor is very pleasant with a Spanish cosmo-flavor. I have to declare, my Bar Carrera visits, simply amaze me every time. The consistency of it all....Very hard to find in Manhattan, down-to-earth wholesomeness!"
Shill Probability: 84%
UPDATE: The accused writes in to defend his comment and assures us he's a non shill: "...Your 'Adventures in Shilling' article was addressing one of my favorite wine bars and I just think it's wrong.. On behalf of the people that work very hard there, it isn't fair to the owners and the staff to be associated with my 'shilling review.'

And lastly, a Citysearch shill for Toloache: "I am not a huge fan of Mexican food but Toloache changed my mind. After sitting down and browsing the menu, I was instantly attracted to the lobster tacos. As I waited for my meal, they brought out a trio of guacamoles with chips. I dug into the first guac and was pleasantly surprised. I have never loved guacamole....until this one. It was thick and chunky, in a good way, and the fruit one with pomegrante seeds was really unique. The tomato salsa was delicious too. After gorging myself with chips and guac, I managed to save room for the tacos and I'm glad I did."
Shill Probability: 96%


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