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Alevras OUT at Permanent Brunch & La Otra, IN with Boulud on the Bowery

East Village: Remember those two projects ex-Tasting Room chef Colin Alevras had in the works? Both located in the East Village, La Otra was meant to serve Latin food while Permanent Brunch promised to offer a bacon heavy brunch menu all day. Well, according to the Bag, those dreams are shot, and Alevras has moved on to a new project:

"Colin Alevras, former chef-owner of The Tasting Room and everybody’s favorite countercultural chef, has joined Daniel Boulud’s as-yet unnamed Bowery restaurant as beverage director, though that’s not his official title. Apparently, the chef’s projects, including his East Village Cuban restaurant, La Otra, have fallen through, and the chef has joined up in the Boulud Army until the storm passes...
Currently, Alevras is working in the kitchen at DB Bistro Moderne, where he is bonding with future DB Bowery chef Jim Leiken..."
Bev director for Boulud is an interesting position for a cultishly-followed chef to land. We're wondering how long it will take for him to get a permanent job back in the kitchen.
UPDATE: Official word from the Permanent Brunch and La Otra PR has come in. Perhaps not all of the Bag's post was correct: "Colin's role was never to be permanent chef. He was planning on opening the places up and determining how long he would stay on based on necessity. He is still very much involved in La Otra and Permanent Brunch."
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