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Renovation/Shutter Report: Veritas

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Following a tip, a correspondent has some troubling news from the suddenly closed Veritas:

"It's quite apparent that Veritas is closed until further notice. They say in their notice that they are closed for just one night for emergency repairs, but there was NO movement inside the restaurant last night and only one lone light around the bar. Residents of the building offered no clues as to why it was closed but said everything in the upstairs apartments worked fine."
No one could be reached at Veritas for comment, but we'll be checking in to find out whether this is indeed a renovation situation or a more dire diagnosis. It should be noted that seemingly struggling restaurant has received some positive reviews since their recent chef change.
UPDATE: Veritas is back open.
· Gregory Pugin IN at Veritas [~E~]
· Ed Cotton OUT at Veritas [~E~]


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