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Additional Craig Hopson Details Revealed

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Flo Fab broke the news that One if by Land, Two if by Sea's Craig Hopson is taking over at Le Cirque, but we have a few updates, per Marco Maccioni. First off, Hopson will start work on December 1, just in time for a huge party on the third celebrating an HBO documentary about the restaurant "A Table in Heaven." Due to the busy party season, Hopson will debut his own menu in January. Maccioni says it's not confirmed yet, but he'd like to offer a discounted version of the menu in Le Cirque's more casual cafe during the preview. And, as a bonus, Maccioni offers us the following hyperbolic approval:

"His tasting knocked our socks off. The guy can cook. He's really phenomenal. Christophe was fantastic, but this guy has the same skills, is just as good if not better. I've had incredible experiences all over the world from Ducasse in France to the French Laundry in California, and his tasting alone was on par. We're really really excited to have him."
Hopson is the second non-French chef the restaurant has ever had (he hails from Australia), and according to Flo Fab, the youngest.
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