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EaterWire: OpenTable on the iPhone, Trouble at Core Club, Papa John's Gimmicks, and More

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BREAKTHROUGHS— OpenTable now has a new ap for the iPhone. Per the release: "OpenTable for iPhone allows diners to check the real-time availability of multiple restaurants in the area, get the restaurants’ location, make free, confirmed reservations, and then follow directions to the restaurant." [EaterWire]

MIDTOWN EASTCore Club, an exclusive members only club with a restaurant set up by Tom Colicchio back in '03 may be in a rough patch: "In return for their investments, founding members received free annual dues worth $15,000 a year, plus credits and discounts on use of the facilities. They were supposed to get their money back after five years." The five years are up, and investors are still waiting. [NYP]

OZERKISTAN—And just because we oh so enjoy hearing Cutlets discuss his love for cream sauces ("I could eat them every meal"), a video of the meat man and his new favorite chef, Andrew Carmellini, making tagliatelle alfredo. [TFB]

GIMMICKS— A new gimmick from Papa John's: "If Papa John's thinks that they can buy our Facebook friendship by offering us a free medium pizza with any online order...they're completely right. The free medium pizza is a new promotion to generate social networking buzz, and 10,000 users have already signed up, probably rubbing a collective hundreds of gallons of free garlic sauce all over their bodies as we speak." [Gizmodo]

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