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EaterWire: Bathrooms at Daruma, Deals at Murrays, the Lola Fight

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MIDTOWNMurray's Real Salami has upped the ante on their recent deal of giving away hotdogs for purchases of $25 and more. Now you can get free bacon or hot dogs with just a $10 purchase. [Blondie and Brownie]

NOLITA— The Feedbag takes a look at the curious mural (right) above the urinals at the new yakitori spot Daruma: "It was like a visual representation of that tired old graffiti often seen above urinals, 'Why are you looking up here? The joke’s in your hand.'” [TFB]

SOHO—A key final quote in a feature story on the fight between restaurant Lola and the Soho Alliance, in the December issue of Black Enterprise (not yet online): "'Hiring a lobbyist at the very onset would have been an important thing to do and would have given us perspective that we didn't have initially,' she says. 'Understanding the politics in any neighborhood that you're going into is of critical importance to any business owner because at the end of the day it was the politicians they had held at their disposal that fought their fight. But once this ball started rolling and we were caught up in the court system, there was very little most people could do to help us." [Black Enterprise]

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