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EaterWire: Sakae Closes, Franny's Market, Rhong Tiam's Gas Problems, and More

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NOHO— The crazy looking photos above are of the spread that was on display this afternoon at Chinatown Brasserie's preview and reception for the James Beard Foundation's upcoming Asian-themed gala Dumplings & Dynasties. [EaterWire]

MIDTOWN EAST— Midtown Lunch reports that one of Manhattan's few conveyor belt sushi restaurants has closed. Sakae Sushi's midtown location has closed after just under a year: "I can’t say I’m entirely surprised?the prices were kind of high, the quality of the fish was not the best, and the place was never at capacity." [ML]

GREENWICH VILLAGE— From the Eater NY twitter: " Gas issue at Rhong-Tiam - they're doing the same menu at Kurve tonight - odd." [Twitter]

PROSPECT PARK— We know how well this worked for Borough Food & Drink, Market Table, and Smoke Joint. Per Grub Street: "Franny’s owners...plan to open a gourmet shop down the street called the Brooklyn Larder in March 2009. In addition to a full kitchen for Feinberg to prepare and package everything from sandwiches and lasagne to fried chicken for takeout or casual counter-noshing, the shop will stock the house-cured meats..." [GS]

Chinatown Brasserie

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