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Vital MomoWire: Bakery/Milk Bar Menu Unleashed

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East Village: Feast your eyes on the official, just-this-second released Momofuku Bakery/Milk Bar Menu. As promised, there are flavored milks, soft serve flavors, a variety of pork buns, cookies, breads, and "non-traditional pastries." But we also have some serious pie and cake action, and if you'll direct your attention to the right side of the menu please, some intriguing "etc." items including a deep fried poached egg or two and the rumored Volcano. These items can all be yours daily starting 8 a.m., hopefully as early as this Friday. Soft serve, buns, milks, and shakes are guaranteed all day long while the rest of the menu is offered from until 5 p.m. or until supplies run out.
· Momofuku Bakery/Milk Bar Menu [Official PDF]
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· Plywood Super Special: A Peek Inside Momofuku's Bakery/Milk Bar [~E~]

Momofuku Ssäm Bar

207 2nd Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 254-3500 Visit Website

Momofuku Milk Bar

251 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10003

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