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Secession Watch: Opening Night Jitters at Bouley's Makeover of Danube

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Tribeca: As usual veteran critic Gael Greene visits one of the city's major fall openings on opening night and has an early report. This time the venue is David Bouley's remake of Danube, Secession, and the highlight is a group of raucous and schmancy uptown folk:

"Insurrection broke out at Secession last night when a table of elegant upper eastsiders starring journalist Bartle Bull at a big corner round suddenly shouted out, 'We want our food. We want our food.' Waiters froze...The maitre d’ came running, apologizing
'It’s our first night,' I heard him say from our humble stand at an adjacent table where the three of us had been filling in the longish lulls between courses with gossip and travel plans. The eight or nine protesters rose and started seceding out the door. 'Where will you go for dinner?' I asked one of the women. 'We all have very nice homes,' she responded."
Restauratuers come to expect a few glitches on opening night, but we don't think David foresaw a scene with with some rich Upper East Siders.
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