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Fall Tracking Report: L'Artusi

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2007_09_efp.jpgL'Artusi, 228 West 10th St.
Initial Projection: November
Current Debut Projection: November
Odds, On Time Arrival: 2-1
Eater Projected Opening Date: 12/4/08

Flo Fab dropped the news today that the team behind dell'anima had finally chosen a name for its new restaurant in the La Maremma space, L'Artusi. Co-owner Joe Campanale tells us the place is still heavily into its construction phase (confirmed by the above shot) and both the plans for the space and the menu have yet to be tied down. However he does tell us this: we won't be able to recognize the Maremma space when they're done with it.

One thing he can confirm about the new location is the kitchen is massive compared to what they've got over on 8th Avenue, "It's much bigger and more tricked out. I'm always excited to see what Gabe and those guys come up with in that tiny bodega kitchen we have at dell'anima, so I can't imagine what he'll do in a full sized kitchen." Campanale also tells us the bilevel space will give them more flexibility when it comes to private events, as he would "never close down dell'anima."

Given the amount of work left to be done, the November prediction could be a tad ambitious. But seeing that they already have their community approval for a liquor license and that they have been incredibly media savvy with the details of their project, it looks like someone has this situation under control.
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