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The Daily Achatz

With sister site Eater Chicago due to launch this month, we figured it was the perfect time to focus on Chicago's darling Grant Achatz. In two weeks, you’ll have all the Chicago news you can handle at Until then a regular dose of submissions from our ticket giveaway for Grant Achatz's book party/tasting event at Astor Center on November 6.


Is the contest over? finished? kaput?
i'd eat anything from Achatz, a squirrel, a foot.

let me have the foie butter, at least a little scoop
please don't deny me my hot potato, cold potato soup...

i'm pleading and begging to get into this tasting
i don't say molecular gastronomy and space i won't be wasting

forget the rest of these bloggers and whatever they did
they won't appreciate the antiplate, tripod, and squid

please consider me to dine over at Astor
if cooking is religion, Grant is my pastor

pre-ordered his book, Mosaic will be heavily read
probably reciting lines before i head to bed

so pick me to get down and party with the Chef
Mosaic is culinary Playboy, and Achatz is Hef

questions of deliciousness? black truffle explosion is my answer
i'm trying to beat these other poets like Grant Achatz beat cancer

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