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NYC Wine & Food 08: Previewing Randy Garutti's Shack Burger

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The biggest event of the New York Wine and Food Fest is hands down the great Burger Bash. To get everyone appropriately pumped, we'll be interviewing the top contenders about their burgers, giving the odds on who we think will prevail, and oh, we'll be giving away two tickets later this week. Stay tuned for your chance to go.

2008_10_garutti.jpgBurger Maker: Randy Garutti, Shake Shack

What's your strategy? Our strategy is the same as in the Shake Shack, just have a fun time with a great community of people. Keeping it simple fresh, high quality, and fun.

And have you learned anything from previous competitions? We won the first South Beach one. Last year, we came in second. We'll give it a shot this time. And it's not a about winning it; it's just about being up there and serving a thousand Shack burgers.

We've learned how to work the station and do it off site. We use Pat LaFreida beef, and it will be nicer not to ship them cross the country. We just learned how to cook the burger the right way to serve up so many.

What are you serving? Any accompaniments? We'll do the Shackburger, fries, and a shake.

For those who don't know, describe the Shack Burger. Shack Burger is our blend of fresh ground hand formed 4oz burger patty on potato bun with lettuce tomato Shack sauce and American cheese.

Do you feel you have an advantage now that you're on your home turf? I don't think we have an advantage. It's great to be near home this time. It will make it a little easier and a litlle fresher. We'll have the products we want.

Who are you worried about in the competition? What's the burger to beat? We're really just out there to have fun.

Favorite burger (besides the Shack Burger): I'd say it's a three way tie between The Spotted Pig, the Apple Pan in LA, and. Dick's in Seattle (wallingford location)
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