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EaterWire: Ozersky's FeedBag, Bobo's new Menu, Trillin in Chinatown, and More

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CUTLETS— Tonight Cutlets, a.k.a. Citysearch's new restaurant editor Josh Ozersky, is holding a party at Elettaria to announce the new developments at the Citysearch blogs. But according to some timely Google Alerts, we've discovered the new blog will be called The Feedbag, at the now password protected site One of the first posts: a sit down with Bobo's new chef Patrick Connelly [EaterWire]

WEST VILLAGE— Speaking of Bobo's Patrick Connelly, his new menu debuts tonight. Tasting Table takes a peek: "For cocktail-side snacking there are potato-and-bone-marrow dauphines (tater tots fit for kings) and tempura-fried cornichons with Japanese mayo and shaved bottarga...But the real star here is the St. Louis native's awe-inspiring spareribs, which he cooks in duck fat until the meat starts to slide off the bone..." [TT]

PRINT MEDIA— The details for Hearst's Food Network Magazine have been announced: two test issues will be released, with the first on newsstands October 14th. The second test issue will hit in January '09, and then the official rollout is a June/July 2009 issue with four more issues through the end of next year. As for the content, it looks to be exactly what you'd expect: all the personalities—Ina, Tyler, Paula, Alton, et al.—make appearances. share their recipes, and give you "sneak peeks" into their shows and homes. Oh, and memo to FN: you may have missed the memo about print being dead. [~ESF~]

PARK SLOPE— Park Slope pastry staple Colson Patiserrie has been shuttered since late last week by the DOH. They weren't able to reopen over the weekend, but a tipster tells us there has been noticeable activity inside, a sign they're trying to get their act together. [EaterWire]

CHINATOWN— The Times follows Calvin Trillin on his foodie tour through Chinatown, Soho, and Nolita for the New Yorker festival. His best soundbite—why he's a food writer: "Writing about eating, he said, was a way to report on the country in a richer, more humorous fashion. 'I’m not interested in finding the best chili restaurant in Cincinnati,' he said. 'I’m interested in Cincinnatians fighting about who has the best chili.'" [NYT]


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