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Eaters' Journal: 10/03/08: Terroir, Paul's, Frank, Brick Lane, Pinche, Fanny

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Pinche's new Lafayette branch, just after opening

Terroir: As fall arrives and the Bruni-stoked crowds finally thin, the East Village winebar from the fine folks behind Hearth was only about half-full around 8 on a midweek night -- making for a far more relaxed experience. To eat: wild boar charcuterie, the flavor of fall. —Lock

Paul's: Most people already know where they stand on the famous Paul's burger, so let's be brief. Their standard cheeseburger during lunch the other week and was big, juicy, perfectly medium rare, and messy in the best way possible. The fail here however is the bun, which barely handles the juice, almost forcing a knife and fork situation. And it's impossible not to smell like grease for the rest of the day after being in this place more than 10 minutes. —Kludt

Frank: Pasta special unpriced on board, turned out $7 (50%) more expensive than any menu pasta. Dropped a check with a phantom $22 line item. Good bread. —Shepard

Brick Lane Curry House: With a rare Indian craving, I stopped into Brick Lane Curry House hungover and starving on Sunday. Despite our unfortunate table—they sat us in a remote back corner right next to the air conditioning vent—I came away from the meal happy. All the talk about the place serving very spicy food is true: the prawn balchao was especially sinus-clearing. Our chicken tikka (sorry, I'm not very adventurous when hungover) was on the milder side, though. Though all we sampled was delicious, the standout of the meal was really the rosemary naan. I'd go back just for that. And I'd ask for a table in the front of the place. —Price

Fanny: After waiting for almost 40 minutes for granola with yogurt and some eggs benedict at an almost empty Fanny on Graham Avenue, the waitress is asked about the hold up. Her answer, "That's just how long it takes. Everything is homemade." She then proceeds to sit down at the bar and eat an omelette. Ten minutes later, the eggs are brought. Ten minutes after that, the granola. —Kludt

Pinche Taqueria: The waiter here claimed these fish tacos are the best in the city. Matt Gross has a better assessment: they may not be the best, but they do the job and do it well. The pork tacos earn decent marks, but the mahi mahi is really the thing to go for. —Kludt

Fifty Paces

413 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10009

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