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FW: Rude Service at Danal

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From: [an eater]
Date: Friday, October 3, 2008
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Rude Service at Danal


I met with a friend to go to a brunch place called Danal, that is on 12th street and 5th ave. Danal used to exist on east 10th street, but in much smaller, and with a different boss. When we got to the new Danal, it was a third empty and we still had to wait in line for a really rude guy with an attitude to sit us down. People ahead of us in the line were amazed at the poor service; the only reason they stayed is because they had agreed to meet other people there.

When came our turn to get a table, the boss pointed to one downstairs, which is way worse than upstairs, where there were empty tables for two people as well. We asked to go upstairs, and at first he said no; then we insisted and he said OK, looking at us as if we were trying to give him a hard time.

Once upstairs, my friend said ,"He really is obnoxious", and he heard it, came back to our table and asked: "Who? Who is obnoxious?" To which we replied: "You - you have had an attitude and unpleasant tone ever since we got in, and that is inappropriate". He then screamed at us: " I am the owner of this place, I don't need you, I can decide who eats here or not."

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